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Neck Anatomy

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The head and neck are dynamic areas of our body - responsible eating, singing, speaking, smelling, tasting, breathing. I was captivated in medical school by the complexity but also the elegance which was what propelled me to pursing a career in otolaryngology.


Chronic Sinusitis

Sleep Apnea

Head and Neck Cancer

Voice and Swallowing Conditions

Areas of Expertise

Septoplasty and Improved Nasal Breathing

In-Office Sinus Surgery

Balloon Sinuloplasty

Surgical Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

Clarifix for Runny Nose

Inspire Implant for Sleep Apnea

Surgery for Swallowing Disorders

Professional Voice

Eustachian Dilation

Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders

Surgical Treatment of Snoring



Functional Evaluation of Swallowing



Areas of Expertise
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