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No Incision Septoplasty

The medical industry is constantly evolving with new techniques and technologies that improve the recovery process and results for patients. One of the newest advancements to hit the market is the development of an incisionless septoplasty that is minimally invasive and has a much faster recovery period than traditional septoplasty procedures.

No-Scalpel septoplasty is a new procedure that is performed under local anesthesia utilizing the the Acclarent Relieva TRACT® device. The procedure utilizes pressurized inflatable dilators to remodel the nasal septal spurs and deflection that lead to nasal blockage. It takes just a few minutes, as opposed to traditional septoplasty procedures that require general anesthesia and are performed over the course of a an hour in an operating room.

The no-scalpel technique can be performed alongside other nasal procedures including balloon sinuplasty, turbinate reduction or nasal valve collapse repair. This procedure is recommended for adults who have nasal congestion or suffer from allergies, as well as patients who have had prior septoplasty but a residual spur.

One of the most attractive benefits of this treatment is the fast recovery period that lasts just a couple of days with mild discomfort and minimal bleeding. Patients can go to work the following day and costs are lower than traditional surgeries because anesthesiology and facility costs are avoided.

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